Forensics expertise in computing and mobile devices

Work that evidences digital proof prepared through detailed analysis on any type of electronic device such as computers, notebooks, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

To ensure the organization and preservation of digital content, experts make a forensic copy of each device that is to be preserved. All technical and legal requirements are used, since the forensic copy must preserve the data in any aspect; the content, properties, structure or organization of devices and data cannot be changed.

The correct procedure for carrying out the forensic copy and the use of adequate methodology to control the chain of custody are essential.

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Preservation of evidence to reduce labor liabilities

Forensic expertise work can be applied in any situation and scenario where it is necessary to keep evidence as well as preserve information and data.

Specifically in the labor sector, this technique becomes essential for a company to reduce expenses with labor liabilities as it preserves data on corporate equipment used by eventual fired employees.

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Computer forensic technical assistance for lawyers and companies

We provide technical support to support companies in litigation cases, working in the elaboration of strategies and obtaining evidence that is necessary in case of participation in legal proceedings.

Our specialists have solid experience in the collection, organization and examination of digital and/or documentary evidence, acting as technical assistants during the judicial process.

AMONG THE TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT ARE: - Collection, preservation and analysis of evidence (physical and digital); - Technical assistance for lawyers; - Assistance in the early production of evidence; - Production of opinions and reports; - Monitoring of judicial and extrajudicial expertise.

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