Internet security is similar to home or private security. Cameras, monitors, specialized professionals accompanying the flow of verbal and non-verbal information have become indispensable.

The pillars your company needs

- Confidentiality; - Integrity; - Availability; - Authenticity. Pillars that guide the entire process of efficient and accurate information security management. Protecting your companys data is our expertise. We adopt strategies, methods, actions and tools to preserve the integrity of organizations information. It is essential that the IT manager defines how information security will be treated, that is, how the strategy for monitoring the practices adopted by the company will be defined. In this sense, STWBrasils IT managers configure and install all types of servers, e-mail services, internet, DNS, firewall, web, among others, following hardening concepts to map threats and reduce risks. We prepared the structure to face attack attempts. Our projects are designed according to the specific needs of your organization.

Do you want security and protection?

If you need to ensure the operation of your company safely and without financial losses, the time has come to choose our IT Management. We create secure processes to protect your data from malicious attacks and accidental leaks that occur due to system failures (vulnerabilities), poor configurations or IT issues.

With digital data it is no different, since privacy and digital information are considered as important as material assets. The security of the flow of information, reliability, physical maintenance of equipment and the integrity of the company, therefore, are the responsibility of STWBrasils IT Management division.

To ensure the security of all data, information technology specialists from the IT Management division provide technical support, infrastructure solutions and information security consultancy, with an emphasis on quality, excellence and agility.

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