The global growth of customers, the recognition of excellence and quality in services - with the use of IT in a strategic way to conduct business - turned STWBrasil into one of the 10 largest Information Technology companies. Ethics and integrity guarantee the trust of customers, combined with social technology, to preserve the environment and contribute to the development of society. This is the basis of the work of the IT Management division.
Following Brazilian and international standards, we achieved a new mindset in technical support, security and data networking. - Human capital; - Social technology with digital inclusion; - Market Expertise; - Extensive experience in Information Technology; - Certified professionals.
Focus on Core Business
Reduction of Labor Risks
Centralized Management
Cost Reduction
Space Optimization
Productivity Gain
Accelerate the Benefits of Reengineering
Efficiency, Agility and Quality
Increase in Cost Predictability
Specialized Assistance
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