Security, performance and economy The modern world requires that technological resources accompany human transformations and needs over time. To meet this growing demand, Cloud Computing emerges as an efficient tool for servers, storage, databases, network, software, analysis and intelligence. We offer the best solutions for your business with faster innovations, flexible features and economies of scale. With STWBrasil, your organization reduces operating costs, runs the infrastructure more efficiently and scales demands as needed, since payment is made only for the cloud services that the company uses.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

- Basic components of cloud IT. - Virtual or hardware-dedicated access to network resources and computers. - Space for data storage. - High level of flexibility and management control over IT resources. Platform as a Service (PaaS) - There is no need to manage the underlying infrastructure (hardware and operating systems). - Total focus on the implementation and management of the companys applications. - Efficient process. No more worrying about resource acquisition, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, or other labor-intensive work involved in running the enterprise application.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

- Complete product, executed and managed by STWBrasil. - Peace of mind to the administration of the service and the management of the underlying structure. - Just define how your company will use this specific type of software. Among the most common SaaS application purchases is webmail, used to receive and send emails without the need to manage additional resources for the email product. With SaaS it is also possible to maintain the servers and operating systems on which the email program is running.

Why use Cloud Computing? Organizations around the world use Cloud Computing for cases such as: - Data backup; - Disaster recovery; - Email; - Virtual desktops; - Development;

- Software Testing - Big Data Analytics - Web Applications Companies of all segments, sizes and sectors. The Cloud Computing offered by STWBrasil has what you need.

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