In the market for almost 20 years, the STWBrasil Group is made up of product and service divisions capable to provide customers customers with the necessary security for their business to grow and be in tune with technological challenges.

Ever thought that internet security is similar to home or private security? Cameras, monitors, trained people following the flow of verbal or non-verbal information have become indispensable in these segments and with digital data it is no different, especially at a time when privacy and digital information have become as important as physical assets. Therefore, the security of the flow of information, reliability, physical maintenance of equipment and the integrity of your company become our responsibility, guaranteeing the security of your data.

Structure STWBrasil

STWBrasil, through its team, provides customized solutions for the complex needs of its customers, giving them complete trust and confidence in the process and the result. Our operational team uses all the experience and international certifications to exceed customer expectations to operate within estimated budgets and deadlines.

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STWBrasil is committed to sustainability in all segments in which it operates. In addition to formatting and servicing its clients' IT projects, the company works in an ecologically conscious and socially responsible manner.

With social technology, we preserve the environment together with the community, to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life.

Practices such as green IT reduce waste and increase the efficiency of all processes and phenomena related to the operation of machines and computers.

In addition to reducing consumption, we work with virtualization, which dramatically increases the efficiency of computing processes.

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