Vulnerability analysis identifies vulnerabilities in a network or system. The result of this procedure is a list of the main threats, generally listed by the seriousness or criticality of the business. Vulnerability analysis is broad and aims to detect as many risks as possible, without necessarily analyzing each of them thoroughly. Vulnerability analysis is generally performed using automated tools, such as security scanners. Among the tools are:

Detect Vulnerabilities

STWBrasils CyberSecurity team uses methods and tools to identify vulnerabilities in any type of platform, network, system or application.

Categorization and Analysis

At this stage, the vulnerability management methodology is applied, allowing the measurement of the real impact and the probability of exploiting a vulnerability.

Mitigation or Correction

Based on the analysis process, forms of correction or mitigation of vulnerabilities and their presented problems are informed, defining a vulnerability correction schedule that optimizes efforts and guarantees quick gains.

Vulnerability Analysis: How to make?

  • Understand cyber attacks and their vulnerabilities.
  • Carry out the tests following the market standard methodologies.
  • Identify and catalog risks according to test results.
  • Carry out the analysis and assessment of the risks versus the vulnerabilities found.
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