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The LGPD is based on the GDPR, a European regulation approved in May of last year, and uses the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy as a guideline to establish rules regarding the collection and storage of personal data and its sharing. The intention is to provide privacy to individuals with the penalty of fines to motivate compliance by companies.

Based on these regulations, STWBrasil helps companies with the implementation of the items below: - Study of standards, guidelines and other laws that regulate the business; - Map the entry and processing of personal data; - Mapping information security risks; - Prepare the initial report (REL1); - Create policies and documentation for data protection and adapt internal and external documents;
- Manage requests from data owner; - Training of teams that process personal data; - Comply with ISO 27001 and GDPR with governance; - Demand data protection from its suppliers; - Conception of new products with the principle of privacy by default; - Elect a DPO with technical and regulatory knowledge about data protection.

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