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Assembling a compliance team has been a challenge for companies that want to implement these processes in their structure. One of the difficulties encountered is related to which professionals should compose a compliance team. Once the professionals are chosen, it is necessary to invest in training, which will be the main key for the proper functioning of compliance. With the training and preparation of employees, you will be able to identify flaws in the processes themselves, enabling the implementation of improvements and, if necessary, the outsourcing of activities, which is a cost-effective strategy that allows demands to be made faster and more effectively.

Through social engineering, a hacker manages to deceive company employees to obtain access credentials to systems, websites, restricted areas or even access to the physical premises of the corporation.
STWBrasil has consultants prepared to train the teams using resources such as simulations of real cases and implementing a complete security mindset in each member of the staff and third parties of the organizations.

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